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The Chennai-based Pencil Technologies is Passionate to Fulfill Passions of Others

Salmon Rushdhie

Since the day the internet started influencing the businesses in our country, the complications are simplified for those who learned to handle and survive the internet while even the simple things made complicated for those who still consider digitalization a far-cry in their life. When Information Technology started making an impact in businesses, those who envisaged the situations, in the long run, adapted to it and went digital overrunning the small business vendors who don’t bring themselves to fully understand the IT and its benefits. That is the exact problem from which an idea sprouted up in the name, Pencil Technologies.

When they realized globalization is an equal right…

The Pencil Technologies in a nutshell, provide IT solutions and business advice to the small scale vendors across the country. Raziya Sulthana along with the Salmon Rushdhie gave birth to this venture on 2015. The founder Raziya is an adept trainer and known for her reputed course-ware that served a major audience. She has utilized around 18 years in garnering experience in diverse sectors such as E-commerce, Consulting Operations, and Brand Licensing before made her mind up to cut the ribbon to this venture. On the other hand, Salmon Rushdhie, co-founder of the pencil technologies has masters in computer science under his belt and proved to be an adventurer in start-ups as he is also handling some other ventures like inside hearts, a site based in Chennai that facilitates the event booking and pencil electronics, a website focused on electronics sales and service.

Their vision is uncomplicated and judicious. The digitalization brought in a greater change in our everyday lives. According to an article in The Economic Times, the population of online shoppers might cross 100 million by 2017 and expected to increase more in the upcoming year. This is totally good news when we are also a part of the 100 million count. Still, we should never forget the ups and downs in our country that continue in equal proportion as our country develops. While the game changers in E-commerce focus on establishing business only in leading cities, the local vendors have to suffocate without able to compete with them. When Raziya found this problem, she came up with a solution to provide IT support to the small scale vendors in urban areas and shape them into an effective competent in the race.

How do they solve this technological partiality? The concept of providing global platforms to the small scale vendors obviously starts with the website. When they first started this venture, they started with building websites for their clients shedding some light on their business over the internet. When their business is launched online, it is like they took their first step on taking their business outside their town’s boundary.

They observe your business keenly and provide the best possible IT support and solution that is apt for your business environment. Starting from choosing the suitable network provider based on your location, they literally take control of everything while you smoothly take forward your business staying away from anything technical. They literally bridge the gap between your business and its national scope.

The pencil technologies is steadily moving toward becoming one of the leading ventures in the Indian market. They dream of promoting the Indian businesses or products globally and establishing a strong hold on the international market. Though it cannot be attained overnight, they confidently stroll toward their target winning over all the odds stacked against them. They never seem to stop until their idea of cross boundary trade becomes finally possible.

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